Self Care and Mental Health in the Workplace

I was an English Language Teacher for fifteen years before I became a counsellor. During this time, I saw first hand how teachers, like most people, take their mental health for granted. This failure to exercise self-care can have serious consequences in the workplace, including;

  • stress and anxiety
  • strained relationships
  • low immunity to colds and bugs
  • low morale
  • high absenteeism and much more.

With this in mind, I have developed a workshop on Self Care and Mental Health in the Workplace, As well as providing a safe and judgement free environment  for staff to talk, there are three main things I hope participants to come away with;

  • An understanding of what stress, anxiety and depression are
  • How to spot the signs in yourself and others
  • Coping mechanisms for when mental health issues arise

I break them into two categories, Formal and Pop-Up Workshops.

Formal Workshops involving a Powerpoint presentation, discussions, handouts, group work, roleplays and a Q&A. This is €200 for ninety-minutes. 

The Pop-Up structure is one that suits some organisations better. A place is set aside, perhaps a table in a canteen or a free room, and staff come and go as they please. The structure is less defined, but it has the advantage of staff not necessarily having to take time out of work. It also allows for a more personal service.  This is €125 for one hour and €240 for two hours.

In both cases, programmes can be  adapted to suit employer needs. 

If you feel this is something your workplace would benefit from, I would love to hear from you. For an idea of what's involved, I've included a link below to a talk I did on the subject at ELTed Talks in International House, Dublin in 2019.


I worked alongside Danny as a teacher at the English Studio. He was very experienced and professional to deal with. More recently, Danny gave a presentation in my new place of work related to mental health issues in English Language Teaching. The talk was very useful and informative drawing on Danny's experience in these two areas. I'd highly recommend Danny's workshop to other language schools.

James Duggan, Atlas Language School, 6/4/2020

tel: 087 9253717


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