My name is Danny McNeive and I am a Counselling Psychotherapist. I work full-time as an Addiction Counsellor and key worker at Teach Mhuire on Gardiner Street, which is a transition house for people who have been through addiction treatment at one of the Cuan Mhuire centres. You can find out more about the amazing service Cuan Mhuire provides from their website. 

I am also available for one-to-one personal therapy in Clondalkin and the city centre.

My main areas of interest are;

stress and anxiety


      bereavement and loss 

I believe that the client knows best, and  adopt a primarily person-centred, humanistic approach to psychotherapy, also known as Talk therapy. That means there is no time limit on the work we do – the speed and duration of the process is in your hands. I don’t believe in rushing things, although I will adopt the more directive, CBT approach where appropriate, or requested by the client.

       My standard rate is €55 per hour

I also run employee workshops and do talks  on self-care and well being in the work place.  Here is a talk I did on self-care in the English teaching profession

Through this website, I hope to share something of myself, provide some useful links, and hopefully encourage people to consider counselling as an option when there is something on their minds, be it big or small.      

You can read some of my story here, in an article I wrote for The Journal, the news website.

Danny McNeive

tel: 087 9253717


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